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speech therapy adelaide services

Everyone's counselling journey is different.

Our counselling services at Chat Well Allied Health are primarily offered in clinic sessions, and in some instances, school visits, home visits, or Teletherapy. Whatever the mode, our sessions focus on being person-centred, strengths-based and goal directed while making sure every client feels supported and empowered.  


What topics/ areas can be explored during counselling?


Gender identity and/or sexuality 

Grief and loss 

Stress, anxiety, and depression 


Work and career 

Self-esteem and Self-confidence 

Trauma and Abuse 

Overall well-being 

Support For Parents

Parenting is hard! At times, it is overwhelming, exhausting, confusing and stressful, and even more so when your child is having difficulty in an area/s or experiencing a delay in their development.  Parents are sometimes forgotten about in their child’s therapy, and their wellbeing goes unnoticed or isn’t directly addressed.


At Chat Well Allied Health, we are big believers in recognising the important role and impact parents/caregivers play in supporting and empowering their children to reach their full potential.  You are the ones who know your child best and have the greatest effect on their development and wellbeing.  

If you are well, you are in the best position to support your child with their needs and goals.

We offer parents and carers a non-judgemental space to; debrief, explore the impacts of stress and support parents in their own well-being, so they are at their best whilst doing the most important job in the world. If you are struggling with stress, burnout, overwhelm, grief or confusion in navigating support systems, then counselling is so worthwhile and highly recommended.   

Counselling is available for one–off sessions or ongoing.

Support for Children and Young People 

Children are still learning to navigate their inner and outside worlds.  This includes learning about themselves, their identity, and their relationships with others. Counselling provides the space to explore these topics and support their overall wellbeing and capacity.


At Chat Well Allied Health, we can provide support for:

  • Building self-esteem, self-acceptance and improving self-confidence 

  • Improving relationships with siblings, family, and friends 

  • Regulating emotions and managing stress, anxiety, and depression 

  • Supporting with grief and loss ​

Counselling can also be offered to children and adolescents to help navigate the realm of intimate relationships and exploring their sexuality.  

Support for Families 

Joint parent/child sessions are available to build connection and understanding and explore strategies that work for the whole family unit.  This can also include sibling sessions or any relationship that may require strengthening.  Family counselling can support with issues involving attachment, trauma, separation/relationship loss, and conflict.

When to go to Counselling:

  • If you or your child is struggling with any of these issues identified above

  • If you are wanting to be proactive and intervene before a serious issue arises


Chat Well Allied Health has appointments available now for Counselling.  This can be a great interim option whilst waiting for a Psychology appointment or needing support immediately.


To access counselling services under the NDIS, your child must have the item ‘Improved Daily Living’ in their plan.  A parent could also use some of these funds for counselling if it will benefit the parent and their child’s short-term goals.   


Alternatively, counselling is offered to private-paying clients and private health insurance rebates may be applicable (please seek further clarification with the administration team regarding this). 

Counselling can be provided in our Greenacres clinic, Telehealth or in your home or school. 

speech therapy adelaide services

Chat Well has immediate appointments available for Counselling now!

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