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Autism Assessment Adelaide

speech therapy adelaide services

Book a comprehensive autism assessment in Adelaide with Chat Well. Our passionate Speech Pathology and Psychology team focus on the client as a whole for accurate results so we can support your child’s unique differences.       

What Is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), also known as Autism, is characterised by differences in communication, thinking styles and behaviours. At Chat Well, we understand the importance of early identification and intervention for individuals with autism.

Reasons For Having An Autism Assessment 

An autism assessment in Adelaide may be recommended by an educator or health professional who supports your child. A diagnosis can help:


  • support self-identity and wellbeing of your child

  • develop awareness and acceptance of their unique differences

  • access the right services and supports

  • access funding for therapy and services, if eligible.

What The Assessment Looks Like 

At Chat Well, the process for our private autism assessment in Adelaide is comprehensive and individualised. Our team, which includes an Autism SA accredited Speech Pathologist and Psychologist, gathers information from various sources involved in your child's care. This includes a parent/caregiver interview with one clinician and a play based observation/interview with your child conducted by the other clinician.


Our autism assessment sessions are conducted at our Greenacres clinic and typically last 1-1.5 hours. After the assessment, our experienced Speech Pathologist and Psychologist will review the findings to determine whether your child meets the recognised criteria for an autism diagnosis. In some cases, further information may be required for an accurate diagnosis.


Following the private autism assessment in Adelaide, we ensure you stay informed throughout the process. You will be invited back later that day for a feedback session, during which we will discuss the findings, outcome and recommendations. An interim report will be provided, with a formal, comprehensive written report delivered approximately 6-8 weeks later.

Book An Autism Assessment In Adelaide 

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing the support and guidance your child needs on their autism journey.


Register now for an autism assessment in Adelaide and take the first step towards understanding and supporting your child's unique strengths and challenges. Contact our friendly staff at or call 08 8102 0118 for any further information or to schedule a private autism assessment in Adelaide.


At Chat Well, we believe in early intervention and the power of personalised care. Let us guide your child towards a brighter future with our expert autism (ASD) assessment services in Adelaide.

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speech therapy adelaide services
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