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Social Groups

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Supporting and nurturing the development of social skills in a positive, welcoming and fun way.

Chat Well Social groups support clients to participate in social activities with children with common interests. They provide opportunities to practice and utilise skills in a real life scenarios. 

Our Social Groups use neurodiversity-affirming practices. This means that they will always use strengths based approaches, support clients to understand that neurodivergence is welcome, while helping to equip them with tools to have positive social experiences..


As an example of what neurodiversity affirming practice means:


If a client is not comfortable with making eye contact (which is a neurotypical expectation), our team will not encourage them to do this. Our team promotes modifying the "environment" with the provision of supports, instead of expecting clients to change who they are or train them to do something if it is both uncomfortable and unnecessary. They may explain why such an expectation exists, but the choice about how they wish to respond to that expectation belongs to the client.

Current Social Groups run every school holidays include:

  • Beading and Art Group: Ages 5-8 years, running Mondays at 10:30am (1 hour)

  • Lego Social Group: Ages 5-8 years, running Tuesdays at 9:30am (1.5 hours)

  • Chess Group: Ages 5-8 years, running Wednesdays at 1:30pm (1 hour)

  • Sensory Play Group: Ages 3-6 years, running Wednesdays 10:45am (1 hour)

  • Creative Social Group: Ages 10 years and older, running Thursdays at 9:30am (varied between 1.5-2.5 hours)

Other groups coming including boardgames, paint n sip, and Pokemon groups!

Current Social Groups run during the school term:

  • SEA Bridge Program: For neurodivergent & autistic youth aged 5-10, running weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4pm (1 hour)

  • Sounds-Write Group: Ages 5-10 years, targeting reading and writing skills using an evidence-based phonics program, running weekly on Mondays at 4pm (1 hour)

  • Creative Social Group: Ages 10 years and older, running fortnightly on Thursdays at 4pm (1 hour)

If you are not an existing client, or currently receiving any therapeutic services, complementary intake session with a member of the therapy team is required to take a case history and determine suitability.

Social Group sessions offer the opportunity to:

  • Play and engage

  • Share interests with others

  • Make connections

  • Problem solve

  • Building identity

  • Work towards individual goals

  • Collaborate with others

Our Adelaide Speech Pathology clinics are located in Greenacres and Mawson Lakes.

Social Groups are NDIS claimable. Read more about fees and claiming options here

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 Social Groups available now at Chat Well!

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